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Developing cohesive real estate tailored to the requirements of the end-users in keeping with market expectations

For the past decade Vizzion Europe has been developing large scale real estate projects across Europe. Through its in-depth market knowledge Vizzion Europe’s developments seek to satisfy the increasingly demanding requirements of its clients and end-users.

At the heart of these developments is a rational concept that is represented by :

  • Creative, high-end projects with striking architecture that are conceived to meet the demands of local and international markets
  • Multifunctional properties with high architectural and environmental value
  • An exclusive environment with a range of carefully tailored services

A Global Strategy

The objective of this real estate strategy is to limit development risk and relies on :

  • vertical integration of service providers - thereby increasing control over the development and value-creation process
  • extensive know-how in managing complex architectural projects - gained from over 30 years across a range of developments and property types: residential, office, commercial, hotel & resort
  • diversification, both by market and geography. Vizzion Europe is present in the markets of Western Europe, high-growth emerging markets in the Caribbean.
  • Integration of the management-based concept, characterised by exclusive properties offering a range of high-quality services across segments as diverse as hospitality, serviced residences, commercial property, congress centres and restaurants.
  • Longevity of the buildings, adapted to the local and regional context and finished in natural materials
  • Adherence to the criteria for international environmental certification and integration of energy efficiency

Vizzion Europe is poised to offer its expertise and experience to governments, investors, promoters and operators, through its own development platform

VIZZION Europe core business is to :

  • Identify opportunities
  • Structure the acquisitions
  • Analyze market studies and valuation surveys
  • Design the concept and the programme
  • Obtain urban plan and construction licenses
  • Structure and manage the financing
  • Manage and monitor construction works
  • Master the marketing and sales